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About Your Session

Before massage, it is a good idea not to eat a heavy meal, sugar, caffeine, or other stimulants. Shower before your session, not only out of courtesy to your therapist but to help loosen muscles. Please be on time or 5 minutes early, because being late may detract from your allotted time. I will ask questions regarding medical history, physical condition, lifestyle, etc. I may assess problem areas by checking for restricted movement/posture. The massage will begin after you disrobe in private and drape with a sheet on the table. I will ensure that you are properly positioned, sufficiently covered and most importantly, that you are comfortable. As your session begins, you may close your eyes and allow yourself to relax. Focus your attention on your breathing, which should be slow and even. One area will be uncovered at a time, then recovered. Allow me to move your neck and limbs into various positions, without your help. You may talk as much or as little as you desire, but please inform me if you experience any discomfort immediately. Please schedule your next visit at the end of your session. If you happen to need a gift for any upcoming occasion, be sure to consider a Seven Senses Gift Certificate before leaving. Tips are appreciated.

Seven Senses Policies
* Massage is a healing art: ANY sexually suggestive remark or action will result in immediate termination.
* Cancellation notices are required a minimum of 24- hours before a scheduled session to avoid payment of the $10 No-Show Fee. No-Shows, (people who simply do not show up for their appointment or call to cancel or reschedule), are liable to pay the $10 NO-SHOW FEE for costing Seven Senses’ time, utilities, and income loss from inadequate chance to schedule a replacement. If a Gift Certificate recipient fails to show up for their appointment, this voids the certificate and it cannot be used at a later date without paying the $10 No-Show Fee to reinstate the certificate. Expirations will not be extended, so call to schedule at least one week in advance. No refunds.
* Sessions are held by appointment only. No walk-ins. Calls are accepted by voice messaging system and returned as soon as possible. Scheduling the next session is recommended at the end of a current session to ensure receiving your appointment on the day and time you prefer.
* Cash is the preferred method of payment at time of service. Personal checks, MasterCard and Visa are also accepted. A $35 returned check fee is enforced.
* Receipts for insurance reimbursement given upon request.
* On-site services are available, pending therapist
approval, at session rate plus an additional on-site fee.

Thank you for choosing Seven Senses Healing Center!
Please refer your friends to "call DJ at Seven Senses."

Did You Know?

“Not only does massage therapy help correct conditions that cause chronic pain, it decreases discomfort without the use of drugs. Massage therapy has an amazing effect on the body’s nervous system to help combat stress.”