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Enhance any session with:

__ Steamy Towel $1             __ Hot Stones $10         __ Aroma Blend $5 
__ Percussion $2                 __ Biofreeze gel $3        __ Vibration "Iron" $2
__ Heat gel $3                    __ Sunbreeze $3            __ Cooling gel $3
__ Body Spritz $2                __ Paraffin Hands $10     __ Paraffin Feet $15
Add a treatment to customize your session:

__  Take a Catnap to replenish before driving home.

__  Add an Aloe Wrap, lose 4-15 inches (a pound of fat).

__ With every Belavi Face Massage, get a youthful glow to ward off wrinkles as facial muscles are toned.

__ Each Salt Glow improves the texture of your skin, polishes the back as smooth as the face, etc.

__ A Flower Remedy Consultation may give you the boost you need to work through issues you're up against.

__ Create an Aroma specific to your own needs.

__ Add Reflexology to any session for extra benefits.

__ Add Healing Touch to help align & balance energy.


House Specialties

__ Therapist's Choice...(75 min. $94)...$75
A Healing Touch energy balancing technique, a partial face massage, then deep tissue on the hips, back and neck, followed by hot stones and steamy towels.

__ Royal Hands & Feet.(35 min. $69)..$45
Luxurious hand & foot bath with aromatic polishing followed by paraffin treatment & moisturizing massage.

__ 7th Heaven...................(90 min. $99)....$80
Mini-Belavi before Swedish full-body hour & hot stones.

__ Pure Pampering.......(75 min. $102)....$95
Warm lavender paraffin on both hands and feet, Mini-Belavi, then half-hr. Swedish back & neck massage with hot stones, steamy towel, warming lotion & the iron.

__ Two-Hour Vacation...........($144)....$125
Paraffin and massage on hands & feet, Mini-Belavi during Aloe Body Wrap, some Healing Touch & half-hr. catnap.

__ Pure Bliss.....................(3 hrs. $218)....$195
A feast for the senses, starting with Paraffin on hands and feet with steamy towels and moisturizing massage, a Body Wrap with a Mini-Belavi, followed by an hour of aromatic* full body Swedish massage plus Back Polishing, spritz, stones, towels and vibration. *Choose scent.


Standard Sessions to choose from:

__ Introductory Massage
A light-pressure, basic, beginner quality, Swedish massage using minimal techniques with no focus on problem areas.
    Introductory Massage (45-50 minutes) $30

__ Stress Buster Mini-Massage
Enjoy a refreshing neck and back massage treatment, sitting, with no lubricants or undressing. On your lunch hour or anytime. A great office gift or pregnancy gift.
    Stress Buster (allow min. 10 - 15-minutes) $15

__ Therapeutic Swedish Massage
Light-to-medium pressure massage with equal focus at each area. Choose full-body, back side, or neck and back.
    15-minutes $15     45-minutes $40     Half-hour  $30     Hour $55

__ "Half & Half:" Swedish + Deep Tissue
This full-body massage combination features Swedish techniques except in areas where deep-pressure work is catered to you - commonly on the back, neck, and hips.
    Half-hour  $35     Hour $65

__ Deep Tissue (or NMT) Massage
Deep or neuromuscular bodywork on body or problem area, may cause soreness, but accelerates tissue healing.
    15-minutes $20     Half-hour $40

__ Baby Massage (birth to 2 yrs.)
Watch and learn as your baby is massaged with the gentlest of techniques. Helps with fussiness.
    Baby Massage (up to a Half-hour)  $15

__ Child Massage (ages 3 to 12)
A gentle, calming massage teaches child to relax, with Caretaker present in the room for child's comfort.
    Child (up to a Half-hour) $20

__ Teen Massage (ages 13 to 17)
Athletes: pre-game, help prevent injury; post-game, speed recovery, reduce soreness/spasm. Also helps correct postural problems. Great for exam stress relief.
    Teen Half-hour  $25

__ Grand Massage (ages 70 & up)
Light- to medium-pressure Swedish Massage to increase circulation, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility & range-of-motion, accelerate healing time, and feel great!
    Half-hour  $25             Hour $45

__ Hot Stone Massage
A light-pressure massage followed by penetrating heat from warmed stones, melts tension, intensifying relaxation.
    Stone Half-hour $40     Stone Hour $65

__ Couples Massage Lesson
Learn massage techniques with professionally guided hands-on demonstration. Great wedding/anniversary gift.
    Couples Massage Lesson (up to two hours) $100

__ 90-minute Feet Special
Reflexology + Seven Senses Swedish hour massage.
    90-minute Feet Special $80

__ Inch Loss Aloe Body Wrap
Reduce 4-15 inches while comfortably lounging in botanical extracts. Penetrating herbs tighten skin, restoring firmness. No sweat! Each treatment reduces fat cell size, and flushes fat away as you drink a gallon of water over the next 24 hours. The herbs keep working for 3 days, so for continued loss, drink water on the 2nd and 3rd day, then have another wrap on the 4th-7th day. Shed about one pound of fat in every wrap, if you drink the water, with absolutely no exercise or special dieting. Safely lose up to two dress sizes in about 7 wraps.
     Inch Loss Body Wrap (allow an hour) $50
    Set of 7 Inch Loss Wraps ($40 each) $280

Do-It-Yourself Wrap Kit $150 + sales tax
Kit includes enough to do 6 full body wraps, plastic sheet, and body wash (for up to 40% more absorption with no soap residue), natural, safe & effective 100 ct. herbal diet capsules (to accelerate weight loss), and instructions.

    Body Wash or Herb Pills $25 each + sales tax

__ Oleaslim Body Wrap
From skin care experts at Nelly de VuystT, this detoxifying wrap eliminates cellulite, tones, firms, tightens and softens. The body is brushed to stimulate circulation; aromatherapy, steamy towels and massage cream are applied. For best results, do 10 over one month. (Weekly 3, 3, 3, then 1)
    Oleaslim Body Wrap (allow an hour) $50
    Set of 10 Wraps ($40 each) $400

__ Salt Glow Body Polishing Scrub
When skin feels dry, polishing should be done before massage to remove peeling skin. Soothes and warms underlying muscles with an invigorating buffing, followed by steamy towels. Softens, cleanses, exfoliates, stimulates circulation.
    Body Glow $75         Back Scrub $20
                                    Hand Scrub $10         Arm Scrub $15
                                        Feet Scrub $15             Leg Scrub $20

__ Mineral Mud Wrap
Detoxify and firm skin while relaxing in a mineral mud mask.
    Mud Wrap (allow an hour) $75

__ Body Transformation Session
A new you emerges after this massage application of various shaping, sculpting, fading, firming and lifting products to reverse aging, restore contours, repair damages.
    ody Transformation (allow 90-minutes) $95

__ Warm Paraffin Treatments
Dip into warm, therapeutic lavender and sea algae paraffin and wrap to soothe joints and seal in moisture.
    Hands $10     Feet $15

__ Reflexology for Hands & Feet
Reflexology promotes health naturally as preventative maintenance, stimulating reflexes corresponding to all the glands, organs and parts of the body, since 2330 B.C. Undressing is not required except for socks & shoes. Allow up to a half-hour for either set, or hour for hands and feet.
    Hands $20     Feet  $25

__ The "Belav¡" (bella-VEE) Face Massage
Better than a facial... it's a very relaxing massage that improves the skin's health. The facial muscles are toned by massage strokes during cleansing. For teen to mature skin, both male and female, it is recommended to have 12 treatments over one month and follow up once per month to deter the aging process and retain a more fit and youthful look. Over time as effective, but less expensive than a face lift, the Belavi can be performed during a wrap, before your next massage, or by itself.
    Hour Belavi $55         Mini-Belavi $30
    Prepaid set of 12 Mini-Belavi ($25 ea.) $300
    Prepaid set of 12 Hour Belavi ($50 ea.) $600

__ Catnap Meditation Time
Empowered by a replenishing nap, following a session or anytime you need a break from the world, you'll be ready to face the day refreshed. If you want to sleep or to meditate, and don't have a private place to go, schedule use of the massage room to listen to a guided meditation CD or soft music... a nice way to enjoy a blissful lunch break, before going home from work, or anytime. Guaranteed gentle wake-up.
    Catnap Half-hour  $10
    Catnap 15-minutes after a session $5

__ Healing Touch
Healing Touch is a subtle and gentle, non-invasive method of providing comfort measures to balance the body's energy, to encourage relaxation, so the body can naturally self-correct better, both during and after treatment. Please allow 90-minutes for your first session, and one hour for future sessions or a half-hour for "tune-ups." You will remain fully clothed and feel refreshed afterward. Healing Touch may be covered by AARP or other insurances.
    Healing Touch Session (up to an Hour) $35
    Healing Touch "Tune-Up" (up to a Half-hr.) $15

__ Flower Remedy Consultation
Dr. Bach's 38 flower essences work subtly and gently to restore calm balance, are nontoxic, nonaddictive and completely safe to use. We'll discuss your current stressors and give you a take-home remedy to help alleviate the underlying emotional causes of your stress. Use until the next session, or in your next massage.
    Flower Remedy (allow up to a Half-hour) $20

__  Aromatherapy Consultation
A custom essential oil recipe is designed personally for you and your unique state of being and goals. You'll take a bottle home for use in the bath, for room fragrance, or to wear as perfume... or we'll use it in your next massage session. At present, your personal profile needs to be filled out a minimum of one day prior to using or receiving the bottle of essential oil blend.
    Aromatherapy Consultation + Blend $25

__ Choose a pre-blended formula to use during your massage:
Sinus Relief, PMS, Anti-Cellulite, Uplifting, or Headache Rx.
    Pre-Blended Scent for Session Use $5


Boxed Gift Certificates Available

Give the gift of health with a healing touch: Not only a wonderful reward for your yourself, it makes a Great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, graduates, new mothers, coworkers, friends, parents and other loved ones. Available in any amount, call in gift orders to be ready for pick up, or drop by next door at "Shear Magic."